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Stay at "Avalon", near London, ON, Canada, for bed & breakfast & go for a ride in the BB Truck

new direction - just posted Mon Mar 24, 2008 - stays being offered at Avalon for those fighting cancer


read more about "Beyond Brokeback - The Impact of a Film"

(Rob is a contributor to this book - rob1318)


read about Rob's mentoring program for would-be, new, or young Entrepreneurs - "Paying it Forward"


Interviews with people who worked on Brokeback Mountain:


Tom Benz - Production Manager of Brokeback Mountain - Oct 26, 2006

Alfie Creighton - Sept 27, 2006

Alfie worked directly under Ray Breckenridge, the Picture Car Co-ordinator for Brokeback Mountain, as the fellow responsible for the vehicles used in the movie.

Darryl Solly - Locations Manager of Brokeback Mountain - July 27, 2006


The Brokeback Truck goes home, to Cowley, AB (Signal, WY) - 100 year Celebration parade - Aug 12, 2006


Summer Brokeback Truck Tour - July 21 - 25, 2006

We completed the Tour of the movie locations in the Brokeback Truck. It was myself (Rob Freeman) as host, son Mark Freeman as video-journalist, our guests Bob Welsh & his son Jeff Welsh, from West Harrison, Indiana - the winning eBay bidders of this unique 1 time only tour. All proceeds went to charity - The Rob Freeman Foundation. Everyone had fun touring in the Brokeback Truck, re-enacting the scenes from the movie in the towns, Parks & rural areas used in the film & taking in the magnificent Alberta scenery.

view Jeff's 61 minute video of the Tour (posted on Google) - with scenes from the movie cut in as a comparison

Rob's photos of Tour

Bob's photos of Tour

Jeff's photos of Tour

read Calgary Herald article of the Tour when it was offered on eBay - May 2006


other links

view CTV video of the teenager who originally bought the truck from the BBM movie & sold it on eBay to Rob - Apr 2006

read Calgary Herald article - teenager selling BB Truck on eBay to Rob - Apr 2006


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this personal, non-commercial website is produced & maintained by Rob Freeman, owner of the Brokeback Truck

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The vehicle is available for events in Canada & the US with the proceeds going to charitable organizations.

The Brokeback Truck is now at Rob's residence "Avalon", near London, ON, Canada. Guests of his bed & breakfast will be welcome to hop in for a nostalgic ride.



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